ALTERURAL - Bosnia and Herzegovina

Rural tourism is an essential factor in the development of rural areas and it helps to preserve local identity, traditions and customs. According to official definition by the Commission of Europe, rural tourism is an umbrella term for the notion of ethno tourism and is labeled as tourism in every rural area and all activities conducted in that particular area.

The key defining characteristics of rural tourism are peaceful surrounding, absence of noise, natural environment, communication with local hosts. Additionally, experiencing homemade food, farm produce and getting acquainted with the rural labor are equally essential parts. Series of specialized touristic offers can be added to this list, that is, services which can be given in rural areas.

Rural tourism, especially in rural households is perceived as a potential to create new activities. Apart from becoming complementary market to agriculture, rural tourism is considered to be a vital bridge to connect these families with the rest of the world.

Establishing a link between agriculture and tourism can become a crucial service industry for the country’s future and a chance of survival for small farms as well as a source of development for Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Therefore, Alterural accompanies changes in perspective according to following three commitments:

Entities which can work in rural tourism are:

Association Alterural is open to cooperate with all individuals and organizations already involved in rural tourism, and specifically the ones who are striving to work in the rural and/or ethno tourism, but lacking necessary professional support and promotion.

On our website you can find a complete offer of local products and services, from the beauty of nature, gastronomy...all the way to the cultural heritage of BiH rural areas.

Alterural aims to present that BiH has a bulk of undiscovered beauties which provides an enormous potential and richness both in products and services that progressively can expand the touristic season on all four seasons.

If one wishes to escape into the nature to take a pause from busy workdays, Alterural, non-profit organization dedicated to the development, promotion and professionalization of rural tourism in Bosnia and Herzegovina will offer a great number of accommodations and homemade quality products.