Fondation Abbe Pierre visit (2021)

From October 5 to 8 2021 representatives of the Abbe Pierre Foundation visited the municipalities where the project entitled "Improving housing conditions for all in BiH" is being implemented.
This project, which is currently being implemented in the area of ​​Vareš, Breza, Kakanj and Ilijaš, has been supported by this French foundation for the fifth year in a row, and is being implemented by Alterural.
With the wholehearted support of municipalities and local social services, great help in the implementation is provided by numerous local associations and initiatives, without them all this would be much more difficult.
As part of the visit, we visited several families who are currently working in an apartment or family house, visited the playgrounds in Vareš Majdan and Breza, and talked to the main actors of the project - mayors, directors of social services and representatives of associations. We thank everyone for their selfless support in the realization of this project.
Special thanks go to the representatives of the Abbe Pierre Foundation - Ms. Dominique Ayrault, Ms. Helena Gomes and Ms. Thierry Hergault.

Alterural Association has been present in the municipality of Vareš since 2018, and as part of the activities of this project so far, about 70 families have been supported in the segment of improving housing conditions.

Regarding the municipality of Breza, in cooperation with the Center for Social Work, the Association "Alterural" in April 2021 provided assistance in food, hygiene supplies and agricultural tools and seeds for 45 households in the municipality of Breza.