Workshop - Winter Stores preparation

On November 15 2021, a workshop on the topic of preparation of the food for the Winter (conserved food) was held in the premises of the Stupni Do Women's Association. For 25 participants, chef and expert advisor for food safety, Mr. Hamid Kujraković held a theoretical and practical part of the training. Members of the three local associations were introduced to the technological processes of food preparation, standardization of procedures, HAACP certification, packaging and storage of food, as well as product branding. It is very important to have a good product presentation technique when exhibiting. The practical part of the training included the preparation of purple onions (with and without heat treatment), and the application of basic packaging and labeling techniques. Also, participants learned the basics of preparing savory and sweet winter dishes, as well as the correct way of serving.
We reiterate the exceptional importance of the social component of this project of support to the socially vulnerable population implemented by Alterural. The entire workshop was held with adequate measures to prevent the spread of the current Covid-19 epidemic.

Another workshop will follow soon, scheduled for December 1, 2021. in the premises of the Association of Women "Strica-Zarudje", on the topic of preparation of traditional desserts.