Valorization of the local heritage

On Monday, May 14, 2018 a one-day workshop was held in Kresevo ​​with the aim of creating clusters in rural tourism in the wider Sarajevo environment. The workshop was held in the City Hall (opposite the municipal building) from 9 am to 5 pm.
This workshop is the fourth of six planned for a cluster curriculum within a project financed by EU funds.
After the welcome address by Mayor Kresevo, Renato Pejak, and the introduction of the co-organizer of the workshop - the Association "Kresevski Citrin", the Secretary General of the European Union of Rural Tourism "EuroGites" Klaus Ehlrich presented the work of this organization.
The participants were greeted by Ms. Catherine Palpant, Attaché for Technical Cooperation in the French Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Director of Alterural - Ms. Sarah Devisme.
Ms. Martine Buissart, Director of the Facim Foundation in France (cultural activities in the mountainous regions of the Savoy region) held a workshop in front of more than 20 participants, representatives of municipalities from the surrounding areas and providers of rural tourism services.
By emphasizing the importance of preserving the local heritage, the concept of culture as a tourist resource in rural areas has been valorized. Ms. Buissart, on current examples from European regions, gave participants inspiration for creating the visual identity of their territory.
Through creative joint exercises for local animation based on the legacy of the wider Sarajevo area, several names of the brand for the pilot cluster were selected, and a certain orientation for the visual identity of the area.

The ultimate goal of the training is to create a strategic partnership between the members of the future cluster in order to develop a recognizable brand 4 tourist destination in the wider Sarajevo environment.

The project "Empowering rural tourism destinations around Sarajevo with the aim of diversifying the rural economy" was supported by the Civil Society Program 2014-2015, with the aim of connecting citizens and reducing unemployment through improving the cooperation of the main stakeholders at the local level and assessing the active population market.