Visit of the EU Project partners

Laurence Estival, journalist from France, and Klaus Ehlrich - Secretary General of the European Union of Rural Tourism "EuroGites" visited the project "Building-up rural tourist destinations around Sarajevo to diversify rural economy" from May 14 to May 16, 2018, in BiH.








EuroGites is one of Alterural's partners on this project, and collaboration among stakeholders during implementation of activities is very important. The first day of the visit began in Kreševo ​​on the fourth in a workshop for the creation of a tourist cluster, led by Ms. Martine Buissart, director of the Facim Foundation from the French region of Savoy (cultural activities in the mountainous areas). After the completion of the first part of the training, together with the journalist and publicist Mile Jukić, we visited the village of Vranci, the old part of the town of Kreševo ​​and the Museum of the Franciscan Monastery, and felt the fate of the cultural and historical heritage of this part of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

On the second day, our guests visited the Museum of the Franciscan Monastery in Fojnica, which contains numerous valuable exhibits and books related to the history of Bosnia and Herzegovina, after which they visited the family Tutnjević, which deals with the processing of forest fruit and herbs, and the household "Eko Iva" where the cow chees is produced. Since Fojnica has long been known for the healing properties of our thermal water, we have provided our guests with a short walk through the hotel and health resort of Reumal and are acquainted with the rich contents offered here. It was indispensable also to visit the Prokosko Lake, followed by tasting homemade pies.

At the end of the day, Milica and Josip Tuka offered their local specialties typical for this region at their home in the village of Luzine.

After this, the third and last day of the official visit, Ms. Estival and Mr. Ehlrich used to taste Sarajevo, or at least the most important tourist attractions - from the Trebevic drive to the Baščaršija.

On this occasion, the secretary of EuroGites held a short presentation at the Faculty of Agriculture in Sarajevo on the subject of rural tourism, and introduced the students with the work of this association at the European level.

At the end of the day, hosts in the "Children of the Wind" horse club in the village of Donje Biosko prepared a delicious dinner worth every praise - an excellent example of top quality local cuisine in a pleasant and relaxing ambience.