Study visit to Bihac and NP Una

As part of the project "Building-up rural tourism destinations around Sarajevo to diversify rural economy" supported by the EU, Alterural organized a study visit for representatives of municipalities, tourist organizations, rural household owners and members of the associations involved in the project.

The study visit was organized on 27 and 28 June 2018 in the area of ​​Bihac and the National Park "Una", with the help of the members of the Tourist Cluster "Una-Sana".

On the first day, the group visited the Cardaklije household. The kind host described all about the emergence of Cardaklije, a family story and a tradition that was turned into a business. He especially emphasized the advantages that the Cardaklije have from joining the tourism cluster and how they cooperate with other cluster members. This household is especially in terms of construction and materials and belongs to the family Radosevic, who owned and lived in agriculture in the same place and in the last century. Only domestic dishes and beverages produced in the household are served.



After that, a visit to Stbacki Buk was organized, the highest and most spectacular waterfall in the Una National Park.

The members of the association "Women from Una" from Kulen Vakuf have been preparing lunch and refreshments, and in a short conversation with the participants of the study visit they shared their experiences and the reasons for joining the Una Sana Tourist Cluster.

The first day of the study visit was completed by a visit to the waterfall at Milancev Buk in Martin Brod, a 15th century Rmanj monastery, which is specific to that it is made of an oak sediment and a "spatula" - an ecological washing machine that is believed to be older than 300 years old. It washes clothes without a detergent thanks to the large flow of pure water that produces a centrifuge in the buckle with the holes.

The second day of the study visit began with a visit to the Japod Islands, located on a characteristic location, on five islands intertwined with waterfalls and Una River. The islands are the newest tourist destination in Racic, which is unique because of offers through the tradition of Japodi, the oldest Illyrian tribe whose remains were found in these areas.

The study trip was completed with a visit to Bihac and a short presentation of the Tourist Cluster "Una Sana". The cluster was primarily designed to help local businesses and tourist entities exploit the economic opportunities of increasing tourism in Una National Park, and was established under the WWF's "Protected Areas for Nature and People" program.