Contest for the best souvenir

We launched the "Best Souvenir Contest" in order to contribute to the visual identity of the tourist cluster in this part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It takes little creativity and goodwill to create a unique souvenir that represents the surroundings of Fojnica, Kresevo, Vares, Ilijas or Sarajevo. It is possible to use almost any material: metal, wood, textile, wool, stone, ceramics, soap ... It is also possible to present the whole set of products. All you have to do is make 5 copies of your souvenir at one of our two addresses - the office in Fojnica or Sarajevo. The contest runs from 20.10.2018. until 10.1.2019. We will reward 4 best souvenirs. It is a prerequisite that the final cost of souvenir does not exceed 10 KM.

The first prize is 700 KM, another 600 KM, for the third 500 KM and for the fourth 400 KM.

The jury that will ultimately decide which are the best souvenirs will be the Alterural Association with its employees.


Suvenir cover-02