Workshop - Draft of the strategy for the rural tourism cluster

Today, on October 30, 2018, another instance in the series of workshopds was held to create a rural tourist cluster. As stated, the goal of the project is to create 4 tourist destinations (all assembled under the same brand according to cluster recommendations) in the wider environment of Sarajevo. The area covered by the project is Kreševo, Vareš, ljijaš, Fojnica, Sarajevo Center, Stari Grad, Stari Grad.

This is the wider environment of Sarajevo, the northern and eastern part, and encompasses mountains of Bitovnja, Vranica, Star and Ozren (Crepoljsko and Bukovik). The target area does not include parts of the Olympic Mountains.

These 4 destinations will be unified in a common RT cluster with a unique name, log and visual identity. Today is prof. Almir Peštek with a group of more than 20 participants successfully completed a very demanding stage of the process - the cluster name was created, as well as the basic functional and emotional characteristics of the project's scope of action. Below, we will work actively to create a unique visual identity. The workshop was held in Donja Bioska, in the hospitable hosts of the Tufo family.