Training: Tourist animation in rural areas

On Tuesday, November 27 2018 in the hall of Reumal Hotel in Fojnica, a workshop entitled "Animation of tourists in rural areas" was held. The workshop was attended by about twenty participants, agricultural producers from the project area, small entrepreneurs, owners of rural households and employees of tourist organizations. With the trainer, Mrs. Nerka Jugo, there were exercises of positioning and networking with the aim of creating an attractive tourist destination. Together they elaborated on crucial issues such as joint work, market prices, and importance and types of signaling. Clearly defined clients in rural tourism and their diversity in profile and expectations. The participants interacted with the idea of animating tourists and designing a one-day, three-day and five-day program.



The project "Building-up rural tourism destinations around Sarajevo with the aim of diversifying the rural economy" was supported by the Civil Society Program 2014-2015, with the aim of connecting citizens and reducing unemployment through improving the cooperation of the main stakeholders at the local level and assessing the active population market.

The workshop was organized by the Alterural Association, with the support of the partner PD Vranica Fojnica.