Cluster workshop - Vares

As part of a European Union funded project "Building-up rural tourist destinations around Sarajevo to diversify the rural economy", 9/18/2019. the last in a series of cluster workshops called "Structuring the Rural Tourism Cluster of Mala Sela" was held at the Municipal Hall in Vares. Workshop led by prof. dr. Almir Pestek was intended for owners of households in rural tourism from the area of Vares, Kresevo, Fojnica and Sarajevo, as well as employees in the Tourism sector. The participants, fifteen of them, covered the topic of legal forms of creating a tourist cluster, financing the cluster, and set goals and a plan of action for the next period. Given that the tourism cluster requires the investment of time and effort by all members, it is very important to determine the interests and availability of actors in that project.