Closing Ceremony of the EU Project

Citrin Association specializing in semi-precious stones, minerals and geo-tourism in collaboration with Alterural and their partners Eurogites, Vranica Mountaineering Society and the "Strica-Zarudje" Women's Association, 25/09/2019 organized the closing ceremony of a project for the development of rural tourism in the wider periphery of Sarajevo. The project is funded by European Union.

 The activities lasted for three years starting in September 2016, and the project was implemented in 7 municipalities located in the wider Sarajevo area: Kreševo, Fojnica, Vareš, Ilijaš, Sarajevo Stari grad, Sarajevo Centar and East Stari grad. The total value of the Project was 205,832.00 Eur and the European Union contribution to this action was 184,832.00 Eur. This project was supported under the Civil Society Program 2014-2015 with the aim of connecting citizens and reducing unemployment by enhancing the cooperation of the main stakeholders at the local level and assessing the active population market.



Program presenter was Mrs Vanja Iličić, journalist from BH1 radio.

The ceremony was opened by Mr. Renato Pejak, Mayor of Kreševo. He, just like his colleagues, the mayor of Vareš municipality, Mr. Zdravko Marosevic and Mayor of Fojnica Mr. Sabahudin Klisura, recalled the importance of mutual cooperation and the importance of rural tourism as one of the generators of the rural economy in BiH. The presence of the European Union through such projects helps the local community to channel already existing potentials into sustainable development and new forms of economic organization.


Among the participants, over 60, were EU representatives in BiH, Mr. Gianluca Vannini, Head of Operations Section for Social Development, Civil Society and Cross-Border Cooperation (EU Delegation) and Ms Ajša Adrović-Bešlagić, Program Manager. All project partners had the floor in the presentation program, Mr. Miro Matošević, Director of the SBK / KSB Tourism Organization, representative of the East Sarajevo Tourism Organization - Predrag Lopatić and Mr. Dragan Đerić, owner of the hut "Hotel Promaja". At the end of the program, Mr. Hamid Kujraković, chef and coach involved in the project, emphasized the economic and cultural importance of culinary offerings in Bosnian rural tourism.

On this occasion, a short documentary about the project activities was presented, through which a real picture of rural tourism in the central part of BiH was presented. The associations presented the complete work, realized through promotion, technical workshops and study visits, and emphasized the importance of collaboration between the non-governmental and governmental sectors. New brochures and maps were presented describing 4 themed routes in the territories: the most beautiful villages, producers of slow food for the purchase of authentic local products, 10 light family hiking trails and simple cycling trails in the northern Sarajevo mountains. All actors were in agreement that the villages and mountains are the best entrance gate to the Bosnian soul and heritage.

This collaborative project involving many active local associations has also led to the creation of the Mala Sela Rural Tourism Cluster and the development of educational activities and exchanges to increase professionalisation of the sector.


CSO’s are currently the main actors in animating rural territories in BiH. One of the important results of the project was to increase the links between the associations involved, their technical capacities and visibility in the field of rural development. Stronger networks have been established between the 7 municipalities that will promote their destinations and will in the future lead to the creation of tourism arrival packages.

The event was attended by designers, coaches, volunteers, owners of rural households and village inns. and other actors involved in the project.

 At the end of this ceremony, a cocktail and snack was organized with the band "Kreševski tamburaši". The event was held at the restaurant "Stari ribar" in Kreševo.








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