FAP Project - Better living conditions

Alterural, in cooperation with the municipal authorities and the Centers for social work of Vares, Breza and Ilijas and in the framework of the project entitled  "Better living standards   for all in Bosnia and Herzegovina - 2020-2023“ is since May 2020 enhancing the renovation of individual housing units for socially vulnerable persons and families. The action is financed by the Fondation Abbe Pierre from France.
A first project cycle implemented between 2016 and 2019 enabled the renovation of 63 housing units in the Municiplaities of Fojnica, Kresevo, Breza,Varea and Olovo.  The organization will follow its action againts sub-standard housing of the most vulnerable families living in rural BiH.
The project will be carried out in 4 municipalities: Breza, Ilijas, Kakanj and Vares - Rural and peri-urban areas. The purposes of the Action are both to:
- offer better housing conditions to vulnerable families living in rural and peri-urban areas in order to allow them to stay on their territories and
- contribute to maintain the social links in the targeted communities. This year we will start in the community of Vares Majdan.
The planned activities are of 3 types:
1. Individual housing units will be renovated with the active participation of the inhabitants,
and according to their individual possibilities and tailored needs. An assistance in kind (works or material) will be provided to persons living  in substandard housing units. A least 55 individual dwellings will be renovated during the whole project.
The condition are that
the persons are living in a place which is not safe, healthy or adapted enough for a proper living. This can be the case with dangerous elektro installations; problems with moisture, bad/lack of sewer; problems with insulation; unhealthy/unadequate kitchen and bathroom, their social and economic needs and profiles. They may encounter the following difficulties: elderly without any source of income, persons with mental of physical health problems, invalidity, women as head of family unit, families with many children and without any income, persons souffering from addictions.

2. Moreover, we will work  on the notion of „habitat“ following  a holistic approach. This will be completed at the scale of neighborhood, village or communities by launching 3 community projects. These project will be selected by the inhabitants and will be valorizing the social links and bridges between generations through innovative ideas to bring well being for all (e.g. construction of a recreation areas, urban art, collective workshop of sports or crafts, practical trainings and exchange of know hows or a project linking local social, esthetic and economic purposes...).

3. Capitalize the work during  6 years to better understand poor housing and rural poverty and call on public authorities to act at  a larger scale. Home is the reflect of own's history. Which are the elements leading to substandard housing, their impact on the health of inhabitants and progessive isolation and how to prevent them? A study will be published in 2023 on life courses leading to such situations. Moreover annual videos and meetings of social workers will be organized to report on the carried work and exchange on their experiences.