Volunteer, it is not hard!

After the first project cycle between 2016 and 2019, which enabled the renovation of 63 housing units
in Fojnica, Kreševo, Breza, Vareš and Olovo, project activities to improve the living conditions of the most vulnerable families living in rural parts of BiH continue.
As part of the project "Improvement of housing conditions for all in Bosnia and Herzegovina" implemented by the Alterural Association, a multi-day program (end of July, beginning of August 2020) in the settlement of Vareš Majdan has been completed.
More than thirty children of all ages took part in the action of cleaning and renovating the children's playground in this settlement. The children volunteers are members of the karate section from Vareš.
In addition to the playground, which will be of great importance for the local community, the volunteers set up a "selfie corner" as well as benches for rest at the famous Vareš location, Lake named Zero. This will be a kind of attraction for all potential tourists who will visit Vareš.
At the end of all the activities, the children hung out by the barbecue.
The Abbe Pierre Foundation provides funds for the implementation of the project "Improvement of housing conditions for all in Bosnia and Herzegovina - 2020 - 2023." Alterural implements all the actions.