Culinary training in Stupni Do

On Tuesday, 10th of November 2020 we held a cooking workshop in the premises of the Women's Association in Stupni Do near Vareš. As part of the project of support to the socially endangered population of the rural area of the municipalities of Vareš Majdan, Breza and Ilijaš, about twenty participants attended this professional training. Our lecturer, the famous chef Hamid Kujraković, through the theoretical and practical part, together with participants prepared several home-made dishes without meat, using healthy foods grown in this area. He divided the participants into three groups, each preparing a special dish characteristic of this area. As part of the project, another culinary workshop is planned, with the theme of sweets and dessert preparation. Social component of the support program is extremely important for the population of this area. The entire workshop was held with adequate measures to prevent the spread of the current Covid-19 epidemic.